Call Blunt and McCaskill: DO NOT REPEAL METHANE RULE!

The Senate is set to vote on a resolution (S.J.Res 11) to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to permanently do away with a widely supported rule that limits waste of natural gas on public lands, helping to keep our communities healthy and prevent emissions of one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases.

If passed, this resolution would amount to an $800 million giveaway of taxpayer revenue, giving oil and gas companies a free pass to waste taxpayer-owned resources while also endangering our climate and public health. They don’t have the votes, and if they can’t get them by May 11, the CRA window closes permanently.

Make sure  Blunt and McCaskill know you oppose this resolution: call them to tell them to vote no on undoing the “BLM Methane and Waste Prevention Rule.” For more information, including fact sheets, call scripts, and talking points, visit the Wilderness Society’s methane toolkit to take action.

After you call, please post #OpposeSJRES11.

Phone Numbers: Blunt: (417) 877-7814 McCaskill: (417) 868-8745




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