Call Senator McCaskill – Tell her Vote NO! on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

Call Senator McCaskill and tell her to vote NO on the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” legislation in the Senate introduced by Lindsay Graham on Oct 5th.

McCaskill Phone Number: (417) 868-8745

From USA Today

Anti-abortion groups target red-state Democrats over 20-week abortion ban

WASHINGTON — Anti-abortion advocates are lobbying the Senate to bring up legislation that would criminalize performing abortions after five months even though it isn’t likely to pass. Their goal, according to the advocacy organization Susan B. Anthony List, is to “force vulnerable pro-abortion Senators up in 2018 to either stand with their pro-life constituents and vote for this bill, or stand with the extreme abortion lobby.”

“This is not a vote that Senator Claire McCaskill or any Senator running in a state carried by President Trump wants to have,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said after the House passed a bill that would make it illegal to perform abortions after 20 weeks. McCaskill, is a Democrat from Missouri, up for re-election in a state that Trump won by 19 points.

It isn’t so much that SBA List expects McCaskill to vote for the legislation — though they’d be thrilled if she did — really, they’re just hoping to get her on the record.

“No matter how you look at it, votes have consequences. They either have a consequence that we agree with or they have a consequence that we end up using in an election context,” Dannenfelser told USA TODAY.

SBA List says that their polling shows a ban on abortions after 20-weeks is popular in Missouri. If McCaskill — who is already considered one of the most vulnerable lawmakers up for re-election in 2018 — votes against the bill, it could further hamper her support from socially conservative voters. McCaskill’s office declined to comment for this story.

McCaskill isn’t the only one. SBA List is hoping that the tough Senate map for Democrats and independents — 25 of whom are up for re-election in 2018 — may pressure some lawmakers to join them in supporting the bill. The group said it was targeting the 10 Democrats from states that voted for Trump in 2016.

The group started knocking on doors in Missouri and Indiana this month and has been in Ohio and Florida since the summer. SBA List says they’ve knocked on 100,000 doors already this year. They also plan to do TV, radio and digital ads once a vote has been scheduled. SBA List is also encouraging their supporters to call, write and email lawmakers’ offices.

But even with the extra manpower in Ohio, they aren’t likely to get Sen. Sherrod Brown’s vote. His office said that the progressive Democratic senator had no plans to vote in favor of the bill.

“You make people vote on it, you get them on record and you hope they vote the right way, but if they don’t you use it in an election against them,” said Penny Nance, who heads the conservative religious organization Concerned Women for America.

Nance said her organization is writing op-eds and engaging their grassroots supporters to contact legislative offices to solicit support for the bill.

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“They do this actually more to rile up their base than to move any of what we call swing-voters,” said Ilyse Hogue who is President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, a group that advocates for abortion rights. Hogue told USA TODAY that to counter the push from social conservatives on the 20-week abortion ban, her organization will be in contact with the lawmakers providing them research as well as encouraging their members to flood the phone lines “so folks know that there’s a pro-choice majority that will have their backs.”

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