The country is facing a constitutional crisis, but business continues as usual in the Senate. Just today, the Senate began the process of confirming the third-highest ranking Department of Justice nominee—even though the Department of Justice is the very agency refusing to appoint a special prosecutor. This is unacceptable.

Congress should not be conducting business as usual when our democracy is under direct threat, especially not in the Senate where any individual Senator can slow and even shut down legislative business. That gives them a lot of power, and they should be using it.

Call Blunt demand that he publicly supports an independent investigation into Russian interference, and vote no on every Department of Justice nominee until the Department appoints a special prosecutor. This should not be a partisan issue—it is about the very future of our democracy. Let him know how important it is to you that we get to the truth, and that you expect them to protect our country. A number of Republicans in the House have come out in support of an independent investigation, so where are the Senate Republicans on this?

CALL BLUNT:  417 877-7814

Call McCaskill:  demand that shes use every tool available to slow down legislative business unless and until the Department of Justice appoints a special prosecutor. Tell her to “withhold consent” by objecting to every motion offered in the Senate. This will effectively slow the Senate to a crawl, making it difficult to carry on business as usual. For a refresher on withholding consent and filibustering, see Indivisible explainer.

CALL MCCASKILL:  417-868-8745





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