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Springfield Indivisible Promises to Never Give Away or Sell Your Contact Information. NOT EVER!


How Do We Communicate With You?

We are asking for your contact information for the purpose of letting you know about actions and events. You can sign up to be alerted via email, and additionally for emergency immediate actions via phone text message.

Roy Blunt is so afraid of his constituents talking to him, he does not make his calendar public, he just tweets a few minutes before he does a public event. We hope you will sign up for both forms of communication and here is why. Our Legislators in Missouri do not seem to show a calendar for their public events and appearances. We suppose this is because they do not really want to hear a constituent’s opinion. What they will do is tweet about an appearance minutes before the event happens. Case in point – On the morning of Jan 18, Roy Blunt tweeted that he was going on a radio show in ten minutes.  If we could have sent you a text message about the event, you could have jumped on and called into the radio show.