Obama Care for Congress & Their Staff, Trump Care for Everybody Else!


Two Springfield Actions Thursday Morning May 4th to Defeat Trumpcare

  1. Join Faith Voices of the Ozarks for: Testimony at Rep. Billy Long’s Springfield Office
    Thursday May 4th  8:30 AM ·9:45 AM  3232 E Ridgeview St· Springfield 65804
    Share your story about pre-existing conditions with Billy Long’s constiuent services staff. Join Faith Voices and others 8:30-9:30 AM. The ACA repeal vote is scheduled for 9 AM . It is important that his staff hears our stories! We will also offer prayers that our leaders will find compassion and clarity and not make this reckless vote that gambles with the lives of our families, our friends, and our neighbors.
  2. Call his office! Speak to a live person. A message left on a machine, a fax and an email will not have time to be tallied before the vote, so you must speak to a live person, they must take your name & address. If they do not ask, you tell them you want your opinion tallied before the vote and give them your name and address!

Springfield Office Phone: (417) 889-1800  Washington DC Office: (202) 225-6536

Talking Points:

Just ask him, why Congress will receive Obama Care, but the rest of us will receive Trump Care? (Yes that is in this latest draft)

Just some of the preexisting conditions in recent #TrumpCare draft:
– domestic violence
– sexual assault
– C-section
– postpartum depression

The House of Representatives has not given up on its efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Their bill (American Health Care Act, or AHCA) will strip coverage from at least 24 million people and gut Medicaid in order to give $600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

GOP leaders are wheeling and dealing today, hoping that by adding a small amount of additional funding for high-risk pools—where people with pre-existing conditions were sent for expensive, insufficient coverage before the ACA—they can push this bad bill through. Representatives Upton and Long are leading these efforts.

If this bill passes, the number of uninsured will spike, the Medicaid program will face historic cuts, and people with pre-existing conditions will lose critical protections. The stability of the health care system will be in jeopardy.

Call Congressman Long and urge him to reject the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Local Phone Number:

Just ask him, why Congress will receive Obama Care, but the rest of us will receive Trump Care?


Staffer: Thank you for calling. Rep. _____ supports AHCA and the latest proposed changes.

Caller: I’m very disappointed to hear that. This bill would take away health care from millions of Americans, would cut the Medicaid program, and give $600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy. With the proposed amendments, states could get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Money for high-risk pools that segregate the sick into to higher-cost plans will not solve this problem.

[I/my family member] am at risk of losing [my/his/her] insurance. [I/ my family member] have a pre-existing condition that before the ACA could be used by insurance companies to discriminate against me. My health depends on Rep. ____ voting against the American Health Care Act.

Staffer: I will certainly pass on your concerns to Rep. _________

Caller: Please do. This is extremely important to me and I will be watching closely. Thank you for your time.

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