After a summer of trying and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republicans are making a last-ditch effort to end the healthcare law before the reconciliation deadline on September 30th. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) have proposed yet another ACA repeal bill that is even more disruptive than previous GOP plans.

Graham and Cassidy claim the bill gives states local control of healthcare spending by converting much of ACA funding into a block grant to states. States could spend this money to provide insurance, fund high-risk pools, or otherwise cover medically complex care costs. While the ACA sets aside funding specifically for low-income consumers’ healthcare costs, the Cassidy-Graham bill does not earmark any money specifically for this vulnerable group. In fact, the bill would fund the block grant by eliminating the ACA’s tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies for middle- and low-income marketplace consumers and ending Medicaid expansion in 2020. The plan would reduce federal funding for expanded healthcare coverage by $26 billion immediately and by $83 billion by 2026. The plan would also end the individual insurance mandate while requiring insurers to cover everyone, a combination of policies that have historically resulted in astronomically high premiums.

While the Congressional Budget Office has yet to score this plan, it is clear it would significantly reduce access to care by reducing federal funding to states to expand healthcare coverage. It would also disrupt the individual market. Congress must reject this latest ill-conceived attack on Americans’ healthcare access.


CALL MCCASKILL (417) 868-8745 AND BLUNT | (417) 877-7814 AND TELL THEM YOU ARE STRONGLY OPPOSED TO THE Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal plan.

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Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from Springfield.

I’m calling to express my strong opposition to the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal plan. Any plan that eliminates Medicaid expansion and fails to guarantee affordable coverage for low-income Americans is unacceptable. The American people want a bipartisan approach to repairing the ACA, not a repeal for it.

Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

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