Protect life-saving air, water and health safeguards!

Donald Trump wants to gut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to enforce essential safeguards for our air, water, and health.

In Executive Orders 13777 and 13783, which together comprise the most sweeping attack on climate action and climate safeguards in U.S. history, Trump directed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to identify rules, regulations, and guidance that the Agency could roll back or weaken. Trump and Pruitt think rules that protecting our air and water from pollution like smog and soot, and safeguards that keep harmful chemicals and dangerous toxics out of our communities are a burden.  But we know these protections keep us safe.

We must ensure that the EPA continues to develop safeguards based on a rigorous scientific process, not at the request of corporate polluters seeking to boost their profits at the expense of our health and the environment’s well-being.

Submit your comment to the EPA, and support clean air, clean water, and healthy communities: Submit your comment HERE

Want to have an even bigger impact? Every comment is good and will be part of the public record, but adding your personal story will be even more effective. Offer a personal comment or statement about why clean air, clean water, and public health protections are important to you or your family.

For example: As someone with asthma, I count on EPA to issue and enforce strong science based rules to protect our air and water, and to safeguard public health.


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