Protest Blunt & Long in Public Wed 10:00 AM May 31st

Rumor has it Senator Blunt and Congressman Long are both speakers at the 10 year anniversary celebration of the Jordan Valley Innovation Center. This is a public celebration. Admission is free. Everybody is invited.

Wed 10:00 AM at 524 N Booneville, Springfield MO May 31st.

Planned Parenthood will be there in Pink. They will have extra signs if you do not have time to make one. Line up on the sidewalk in front of the building. Or go into the parking lot and mingle. It’s up to you.

We understand both Long and Blunt have kept their participation a secret and may cancel their participation last minute if their constituents show up.  Of course we are certain they are not that chicken. Certainly that is just a rumor. If not, if it’s true and they are afraid to meet constituents in person, well OK, but that sure will look bad to the media that will be there.

Come, Bring a sign or Planned Parenthood will have extra.

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