Some Organizations will be bringing extra signs to our Confront Blunt Protest, but Home Made Signs can be more entertaining.

Protest Sign IdeasHere are a few ideas. We are by no means telling you this is what your signs should say. People asked at the meeting for some ideas and here they are.

Healthcare is a Human Right
Don’t Deny My Healthcare
GOP = death panel
ACA Repeal – Make America Sick Again
Protect My Healthcare
Stop Republican War on Healthcare
We Love Obama Care
Repeal and Replace Obamacare With ACA
Keep Putin Away From MEDICARE
I have seen better cabinets at IKEA
Save Public Education
Jesus Was A Refugee
Love My Immigrant Neighbors
Deport Trump
Refugees Welcome
Ice Agents Please Reflect on Nuremberg trials
Protect Kids, Not Polluters
Fossil Fuels Belong to Stone Age
Stop Polluting our Air
Water is Life
Solar Spills, not Oil Spills
Water is a human Life