Rep. Billy Long Flip Flop Campaign

Indivisible Springfield has created The Flip Flop campaign to shame Billy Long for his vote on the AHCA (Trumpcare). Congressman Long first assured his constituents that he would not support the repeal and replace because it would not protect people with pre-exisitng conditions.  After a phone call from the President, Long decided to vote for the AHCA. The AHCA will in fact allow insurance companies to either raise prices on consumers with pre-existing conditions, or exclude them. The very thing that Congressman Long assured us he would protect.

Congressman Long Flipped Flopped. To remind him of his shameful betrayal of his constituents, we are asking you to write a message to Congressman Long on a pair of Flip Flops. (or two pairs or 100 pairs). Tell Congressman Long how you feel about his vote on a pair of flip flops. Also, ask him to hold a town hall to explain his vote. Sign your flip flop and put your zip code on it, so that the Congressman knows you are a constituent. 

The Flip Flops with your message on them will be delivered to Congressman Long’s DC office by a sister Indivisible Group that is organized in DC. They will video their visit to his office on our behalf.

Feel free to use old flip flops, or new flip flops, fancy flip flops or dollar store flip flops. Use permanent Marker to write your message.

Two Drop Locations: Drop off your flip flops at: 1) The Green County Democrat’s office located at 1764 S Fremont (Sunshine & Fremont) between 10AM and 5P Mon-Friday before June 1st. OR,  2) Drop off at the Indivisible meeting Wed evening May 31st  6PM Painters Union Hall 1540 N Barnes Springfield, MO


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