SEPTEMBER 20th: Day of Action – Invite Rep. Long to his Town Hall

We know how elusive Rep. Long has been when it comes to meeting with his constitutents. We know how he feels about town halls (“unproductive and just a shouting match”). We know that he has attended more election fundraisers in Las Vegas than town halls in his congressional district. Now it’s time to take matters into our own hands. 

Indivisible Jopin and Springfield Indivisible are proud to bring you A DAY OF ACTION: Invite Billy Long to his town hall.

We need each and every constituent to focus and raise their voice together on Wednesday September 20 to invite him to his constituent organized town hall. 

You can invite him via postcard drop offs to his Joplin or SGF office, call into either office, tweet him, email him, text RESIST to 50409 to send his office a fax via cell phone text messages, EVEN organize an invitation rally at the Wonders of Wildlife Gala held at Bass Pro on Wed Sept 20 that he is scheduled to appear at ( 

 Don’t forget to state your zip code on post cards, emails and calls.

Springfield Office

3232 E. Ridgeview St.

Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: (417) 889-1800

Joplin Office

2727 E. 32nd St. Ste. 2

Joplin, MO 64804

Phone: (417) 781-1041

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