Trump’s Tweets of Support for Iran Don’t Hold Up. Let’s Stop Him From Making Things Worse

The outcome of the Iranian protests will ultimately be determined by Iran, but the United States should not make things worse or use the protests as an excuse to shirk its international obligations. Right now, before Trump disrupts the situation with Iran, your Members of Congress should start hearing from you that you will not tolerate war with Iran, and that you demand the nuclear deal be protected.

Each Member of Congress must commit now that they will vote to save the Iran deal if Trump sends the issue to Congress. They also must commit that they will do everything in their power to block Trump from starting a new war with Iran.

CALL BLUNT: (417) 877-7814 |  MCCASKILL: (417) 868-8745 | LONG: (417) 889-1800

Additional details and script: here

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