URGENT! Save the Affordable Care Act! Monday September 25

TrumpCare is back and Indivisible’s whole national network will be showing up together to say that it would hurt our friends, our families, and our country—and we’ll remember this vote. Trump and the Senate Republicans have been put on a tight deadline if they have any hope of passing TrumpCare, and we’re going to do everything we can to stop them.  Millions of Americans are on the verge of loosing health care. Senator Blunt will fall on party lines to vote yes but the overall national pressure has killed two health care bills before this and we can do it again. 


POWER HOUR = from 12pm-1pm on Monday September 25 

See the options of actions you can take to save healthcare. Volume is the goal but collected voices are louder!
1) Attend Protest at Senator Blunt’s office. 2740 B East Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65804.
2) Call Senator Blunt and tell him to vote NO on Graham-Cassidy Bill (ZOMBIE TRUMPCARE). SGF office: (417) 877-7814. D.C. Office: (202) 224-5721. STL: (314) 725-4484
3)Tweet Senator Blunt. @RoyBlunt
4) Visit his Facebook page (Senator Roy Blunt) and comment on his health care related posts. Click here for this Facebook page. 
5) Visit his website and leave him a message. https://www.blunt.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact-roy
See below for comments about the bill. Click here for Protest Facebook event page.
1. Graham-Cassidy is strikingly similar to earlier TrumpCare bills.—–For starters, it destroys Medicaid as we know it by fundamentally and permanently transforming the funding for the program into a capped system.
2. Graham-Cassidy contains deep cuts to Medicaid. —-Remember, limiting how much federal money states have to spend on Medicaid limits coverage, access, and states’ options when more people need coverage. For example, if we had a per-capita cap system now and Hurricane Harvey hit, Texas might be out of federal Medicaid money for the year. And they’d be out of luck if more people need Medicaid because of the hurricane damages.
3. Graham-Cassidy eliminates protections for people with pre-existing conditions. —-The bill undermines protections for people with pre-existing conditions and people who need treatment for opioid abuse by allowing states to waive essential health benefits. Why? Because states would have incredibly broad discretion in how they use the vague waivers in the proposal. Another example: insurers could decide to raise anyone’s premiums any time.
4. Graham-Cassidy provides a giant tax break for those who don’t need it. —-This bill also includes a special new tax break for the well-off, allowing Health Savings Accounts to be used for health insurance premiums. This may also incentivize employers to just put tax-free money into these HSAs and stop offering their staff health insurance all-together.
5. Graham-Cassidy attacks women’s health. —-To top it all off, Graham-Cassidy enacts a total prohibition on any covered insurance plans from offering abortion coverage.

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