Vote for New City Council Member at SBJ Online

The Springfield Business Journal Has an Internet Poll to Suggest To City Council Who council should Select For General Seat D.

Leading the results right now are Diana Day and Richard Ollis, both corporatists and chamber connected.
People from James River Church church are suggesting their members vote for Diana Day.
Kent Hyde is an attorney recommended by Roy Blunt.
Jane Sellers is a retired teacher whose husband is Republican and ran against Sarah Lampe. Most of her experience is in teaching.
Scott Bailes has served before on the Springfield city council and served honorably.
Isabelle Walker would be first person of Latina descent to serve on council. She would be the only person of color on the current city council. She has vast experience in community outreach impacting poverty and preventing homelessness.

Please do your research on each candidate and then vote. Thank you.
Please go to Home Page of the Springfield Business Journal. look on the right sidebar scroll halfway down and vote.

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